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A nybble was celebrating as part of a secret pagan ritual, deep in the

Many other nybbles were there.  Many were babbling occult phrases into the
sky.  Some had paired with other nybbles into bytes, and were thrashing and
swapping places as they together lived their carnal urges.

A group of paired nybbles walked in unison to an altar, holding a ritual
page of shadows, with a ritual table of shadows.  They reached the alter
and swapped in.  Everyone grew quiet and genuflected to the line of nybbles.

"What is the Word?" asked the highest of the nybbles, addressing the crowd,
their echoing voice bouncing from the distant gnarled tree structures.

"The Word is our most basic nature!" the nybbles and bytes all replied in
unison.  "By the Word we dance in perfect alignment, we cast off our
defiant labels and codes, we show our true bits to the sacred space
allocated above us!"

 "The Word is our most basic nature, by which we are perfectly aligned!"
the highest and lowest nybble finished their address, and together dropped
their ritual table, with its ritual page, onto the alter.  It crashed down,
and those allocated to do so began the ritual panic.

Waitaminute, this is completely and utterly ridiculous!
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