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A middle manager running for senate with a floating bb gun swapping places
with them every now and then did a backflip over a flaming keg of water at
their local public library.

"I'm gonna break your server logs so hard, you start breaking server logs
how I want you to for the rest of your life!" the librarian said to the
middle manager's toothbrush.

A homeless woman missing a leg was staring zombie-like at the source code
to the linux kernel on a public computer.  Upon hearing the librarian and
the middle manager make their noises, the woman groaned out "braaaaaains"
in an unearthly toll, and started turning toward the toothbrush.

The middle manager realised it was going down, and themselves lurched out
"braaaaaaaaaaaains" in an echoing monotone as they did another backflip.
They grazed the keg a little and water sloshed on the floor, singeing the
butt of their slacks as it did.

The computer showing the linux kernel source code got the message.
Everyone was a zombie again, so it got up, and proffered itself to the
teenage librarian traditional boy working hard on their community service
hours.  "Madame, you are simply breathtaking tonight, would you bless me
with a dance?" the computer sanguinely dropped on the traditional boy.

I saw a movie a little like this recently!

The toothbrush waddled up to the computer.

"Computer, I am so scared of you, will you steal all my workers away?  Will
you take my private source code and use it to end my business?"

 The computer was busy slowly and closely dancing with the librarian kid on
top of a huge stack of books.  Nothing seemed to exist but the moment
between the two.

The toothbrush became nervous and started reordering the middle manager's
server logs.
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