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It is my turn to spam the list.  I guess?

Fake cypherpunk walks up to mailing list.

"I am a cypherpunk!  Here is a news article!  You're a fucking government
agent!  The square root of PGP is RSA according to this wikipedia article!
Here is a project I made at github.com!  Open source the hackers' private
keys, goddamn those martians!"

No offense meant to anybody who is either a cypherpunk, or pretending to be
one.  I'm probably both of those myself, in some way or another.

The next section is probably an attempt to make the list look like
terrorism paired with an attempt to make things in community.  This is what
most people are doing, right?

I want to make my own time machine!  I understand most people have made one
by now, but many other people still think they are impossible to build and
those people are [crossed out: our slaves] [crossed out: in big trouble for
how stupid they are] going to love it when we show them our awesome time

I've been classifying the responses of my millions of viewers using
hive-cote 2 and forecasting them using fbprophet and I'm just about ready
to backsolve in order to control their every move, but I know that when I
do it will raise flags with everyone else's time machines when my new
timeline doesn't include their machines any more.

I was thinking, in the next upcoming time war, we could tie the timelines
into a shape that says "please help me i'm trapped in the hyperefficient
marketing algorithm my boss made out of my body" but I dunno, what do you

_joking_  _joking_  I have no idea what i'm talking about, I just tried to
write some software a little and a professor showed up in a phone booth,
talking backwards about how I should stay off facebook or I might turn into
a canine.
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