Cryptocurrency: HavenoDEX, Stallman Taler v Monero, Govts Seize Crypto $Billions Every Year, MiamiCoin CBDC

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Fri Aug 6 14:25:53 PDT 2021

>  Stallman Taler v Monero

It's for people like me who have been living under a rock.  Casts Stallman
as a little irritating here and there; he may have been a little tired for
the video.

Stallman has a lot of facts to back his opinions up.

The starting TEDx video at quickly explains the four
principles of software freedom needed to prevent computerised population
control, and how that is different from open source.  I am guilty of being
scared to say "free", saying "open" instead, and hope to remember this ted
talk a little.

Stallman supports GNU Jami, previously called Ring, SFLPhone. .  It appears to be a decentralised audio/visual/text
communications platform using TLS 1.3 .  It supports multi-device linking,
unlike many other decentralised communication networks.

GNU Taler,, is a cryptographic financial network that
protects full anonymity of the buyer, while also providing for taxability
if needed while preserving this anonymity.  Contrariwise, as I understood
Stallman, large merchants must operate completely transparently on GNU
Taler  This moves power away from entities that gain dominance a little.
Taler does not use a universally stored permanent ledger nor a proof
lottery.  (I think Stallman missed the point that cryptocurrencies provide
to end network and storage censorship in a way dangerously otherwise
missing in the technological ecosystem, but Taler seems a good thing.)

After this it got more political around Monero, which Stallman hasn't spent
much time studying.  He repeats his point that everybody is free to make
whatever decisions they want; that that is part of software freedom.  I
took the time to write up the above information as it seemed valuable to
repeat, and didn't catch as much of the political parts of the video.  I do
recall him saying that a report showed that over 10% of the world's wealth
was held secretly by something like rich people avoiding tax regulations.
It sounds like I have some similar politics to him.
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