Building a Curve25519 Hardware Accelerator re FPGA Enclave, Precursor DevKit

Karl Semich 0xloem at
Fri Aug 6 12:33:11 PDT 2021


I always used to hear about the dangers of side-channel attacks when
hand-implementing core algorithms.  I was looking for a discussion of this
but didn't quickly see it.  I'm always curious of the spark emissions of
each transistor flip, and how they would interfere, couple into nearby long
wires, etc.

I'm noting that the experience of doing a personal implementation may be
worth much more than possible side-channel dangers, and of course in a
ratchet protocol keys change fast.  I wonder if makerspaces have FPGAs

I'm jealous of bunnie's confidence of the well-known facts that nobody
needs any authorisation to build something like this, that it is totally
safe to do so, and that people really appreciate a lot such work and how it
helps them protect themselves and their communities.

I'm afraid I've never played with via padlock assembly myself.
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