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Fri Aug 6 05:48:29 PDT 2021

Biden Illegally Commands the CDC to Ignore SCOTUS and Extend the
Eviction Moratorium Anyways
Landlord Group Sues Biden's CDC Over Eviction Ban Extension  Biden unconstitutional Styx  Biden unconstitutional TimPool  Biden unconstitutional TimPool

Recall how Biden and Dems said they were going to pack the court thus
totally disrespecting it, as does this action.
Biden caught on camera essentially admitting it will go to court and
that he's just milking time on his false order till then.

The Biden ministration knowing full well that their actions are
illegal, for political pandering, and advancement of the power of the
executive branch, overruled the Supreme Court of the United States
regarding their nullifying of the eviction moratorium, in an act which
if President Trump had done it, the left would have been calling for
his third impeachment. The separation of powers in the United States
must be upheld, and Biden should be impeached.

Dave Rubin just got censorbanned.

Democrat Women Power Players Have Meeting In DC To ‘Discuss’ Kamala
"The Failure" Harris.

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