JIM Bell and Gramps getting married?

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Aug 6 01:22:03 PDT 2021

These two Randite, Paultard, Neo-Nazi Fag Morons
are now purposefully injecting more and more suspect-source and corpse-media NOISE
playing on fear FUD and natural-supplements propaganda steering their userbase,
then portraying themselves as saviour, plainly advertising
Fear and Saviour as the solution in their marketing pitches,
growing people's state of mental weakness and dependency
on them as each month of disinformation service goes by.

If wannabe FBI Cointelpro-er / informant/ provocateur type shitbags like these want to sell some feelgood nutritional support apps, fine, but be honest about it.

Be like John Young's BFF and EAT YOUR NEIGHBORS ASS!

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