DUMB and cowardly, Ron Wyden needs killing ( My 200$ )

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Aug 5 19:21:42 PDT 2021


You know that the institutions, mores, and traditions of various countries must be taken into consideration, and we do not deny that there are countries – such as America, England, and if I were more familiar with your institutions, I would perhaps also add Holland – where the workers can attain their goal by peaceful means. - Karl Marx 1872

Zach_of_Earth - 7h
Replying to @adam3us and @AlyseKilleen
Anyone in the world can participate. Just call a senator and tell them what you think. They aren’t checking for IDs during the phone call or email message..."

DUMB and cowardly, senator Ron Wyden needs killing ( My 200$ )


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