WIRED: Citizen's New Service Helps Paying Users Summon the Cops

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 15:04:09 PDT 2021

A problem with these types of "crime news" "neighborhood"
"snitch" "nanny" "home cam alert" apps, beyond the
spyveillance permastorage datasharing etc... is that they
are purposefully injecting mass amounts of abject subconscious
fear FUD and propaganda steering into their userbase,
then portraying themselves as saviour, plainly advertising
Fear and Saviour as the solution in their marketing pitches,
growing people's state of mental weakness and dependency
on them as each month of service goes by.

If companies like these want to sell a feelgood emotional
support apps, fine, but be honest about it, and what they
can and cannot do when the shit hits the fan.

If you're in developing, imminent, or active harm to
person or property... depending on some "app" company
to save you in those times... is not going to help,
at that point they're only there to mop up after the fact.

Use 911, or call and message friends,
all of which have delay. Broadcast scream to
P2P in the area, carry a weapon, run away,
fight back, and... use your brain to both get out of
and avoid getting yourself into those
potential problems in the first place.

Funny you don't see those apps doing that...
teaching people confidence, self defense, avoidance,
situational awareness, preparation and planning,
buddy system, etc...

A lot of apps will have interesting use cases
in this field.

But when it matters, you aren't going to be thinking
about how to fuck with your phone... your primitive
fight or flight brain will have already decided for you
whether to use it as distraction, head bashing tool,
or as an excess unbalanced weight to drop in flight.

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