Assassination Politics

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The Ring of Gyges: Investigating the Future of Criminal Smart Contracts
We show that CSCs ... are efficiently realizable in existing scripting
languages such as that in Ethereum. ... Our results highlight the
urgency of creating policy and technical safeguards against CSCs in
order to realize the promise of smart contracts for beneficial goals.
The League®
The #1 New York Times bestselling series. The League®: Nemesis
Rising®, Nemesis Legacy® & Nemesis Dynasty™

Every Live Has A Price™

In the Ichidian Universe, no one was safe. People were dragged from
their homes and killed in the streets- victims of a ruthless tyrant
who was bent on being the sole ruler of their entire cosmos. Those who
opposed him and his army formed an alliance called The League.

After they put down the tyrant Justicale Cruel, the League realized
that the best way to keep trouble from starting was to cut it off at
its head. A separate group of soldiers was needed, The League
Assassins. Highly trained and highly valued, they are the backbone of
today’s government.

But not even the League is immune to corruption…

Welcome to a world where corrupt assassination politics dominate
everything and everyone. It’s kill or be killed. You’re either the
hunter or the prey, and every life has a price.

Most live in fear. We fight back. These are the men and women who come
from the streets and from bloodied backgrounds of survival. You just
have to decide if they’re better than the ones chasing you…

Or worse.

Sarcastic, loyal, highly trained and lethal, these men and women are
the next generation of heroes who have come together to protect the
innocent from the corrupt governments and The League that prey on
those who can’t stand against them. They know how to laugh in the face
of madness and danger, and to endure the worst The League and their
enemies can hurl at them. They will not stand by and watch greed,
tyranny and injustice tear their worlds apart any longer.

The war is on…

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