YOU and the cryptographic munition

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Aug 4 23:53:29 PDT 2021

George W. Orwell once said...

 '... since the crypto-bomb turned out to be something as cheap and easily manufactured as a bicycle or an alarm clock, that means the end of national sovereignty and of the highly-centralised police State..."

Under Hitler, Germany came roaring back from defeat in WW1.  But the last chance for that happening in ' the Fourth Reich " USA was gone by August 2003.  They lost the key struggle of the 21'st century - the crypto-war.  I'm so confident the net could take on and defeat all known religions, nation-states and corporations, I've called on the USG to surrender to us every-year since 2009!
And each year we get stronger - they get weaker.
Only Marxist and Austrian Morons talk up a threat from ' Gov-Corp ' these days.
Why these Morons are fading away with Religion and Nationalism.
Good riddance to garbage - good riddance to Gramps. 

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