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GovCorp USA has now adopted secret Social Credit Scoring and is
fucking you over with it...

Didn't cypherpunks promise they would enable the
creation of land masses full of new freedom based
utopian societies years ago?

China's "Social Credit" System Has Arrived In America


Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com,

As a journalist in China, Liu Hu was no stranger to punishment.

For reporting on corruption among government officials, Hu was
arrested, accused of “fabricating and spreading rumours,” and fined.

But then one day in 2017 he suddenly found that he was unable to buy a
plane ticket. The system just rejected him. He also found he couldn’t
purchase certain train tickets.

Then he discovered that he was unable to acquire a loan from any bank,
and even forbidden from buying property at all.

Eventually Liu Hu discovered his name on a government “List of
Dishonest Persons Subject to Enforcement.” And there was no obvious
way to appeal the designation, or have his name removed from the list.

Hu was one of the early victims of the Chinese social credit system
which blacklists citizens who are found to be untrustworthy— in the
sole discretion of the Chinese government.

Others on the list have been prevented from renting certain
apartments, holding particular jobs. They’ve even,had their bank
accounts frozen.

Sometimes, all it took to become blacklisted was an accusation from a
disgruntled business partner, or a social media post critical of the

It’s almost like an official version of the Twitter mob’s habit of
“canceling” people for wrong-think.

The Twitter mob may be easy enough to ignore for most of us. But now
it’s become more mainstream to purge US residents who have bad social

For example, PayPal has announced an inquisition in partnership with
the Anti-Defamation League to research funding for extremism on its
payment platform.

    “PayPal and ADL will focus on further uncovering and disrupting
the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements. In
addition to extremist and anti-government organizations, the
initiative will focus on actors and networks spreading and profiting
from all forms of hate and bigotry against any community.”

They are extremely vague about what exactly they will consider
extremist content. But we have some idea…

The New York Times, for example, considers the word “freedom” to be an
“anti-government slogan,” according to a recent article on the
protests in Cuba.

Twitter considered it hate speech and banned a Spanish politician for
Tweeting, “a man cannot get pregnant.”

If you protest lockdowns, you are an extremist putting lives in
danger. If you burn down police stations and flip cars in the name of
social justice, you are a mostly peaceful protester.

And these days, anything from the “Ok” hand gesture to cheese is
considered racist.

PayPal is not going to keep this research to itself. It intends to be
the tip of the social justice warrior’s spear:

    “The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will
be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers
and law enforcement.”

So the Big Banks will be able to use this same intelligence to
blacklist “extremists” peddling “hate speech.”

Just last month Wells Fargo closed the accounts of two different
conservative activists, without explanation. In 2019, JP Morgan Chase
did the same thing.

And the CEO of the alternative social media website Gab had four banks
in four weeks ban the company’s account, allegedly because the
platform harbors “extremist content.”

All of this looks eerily like a back door for a Chinese-style ‘social
credit system’ in the United States.

Vaccine passports are an obvious example.

If certain people have their way, the unvaccinated will be unable to
board an airplane and banned from restaurants. Some people even say
the unvaccinated should lose their health insurance for making an
unpopular personal health decision.

During the pandemic, governments across the world set up reporting
systems to rat out your neighbors for having family over for the
holidays. Bad Citizen!

Vermont’s governor even asked students to snitch on their own parents
who might have invited extended family over for Thanksgiving 2020.

And now the US government is leading the charge— with the help of the
Big Tech companies, of course— by providing new, easy ways to report
your ‘radical’ friends and family to the government.

What exactly constitutes radical? Anything they don’t want you to do,
or believe.

This is the problem when just a handful of powerful centralized
institutions controlling society.

And it is the reason a solid Plan B gives you options to ensure that
you’re not entirely reliant on one country’s government, one country’s
banking system, or one country’s public health policies.

I’m actually an optimist, and I have strong hope that humanity will
overcome authoritarianism, as it always has before.

But hope is not a course of action. Optimism is not a viable strategy.

To truly become more secure from threats like America’s version of the
Chinese social credit system, it’s important to give deliberate
consideration to Plan B options that will put you in a position of

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