WIRED: Citizen's New Service Helps Paying Users Summon the Cops

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>> WIRED: Citizen's New Service Helps Paying Users Summon the Cops.
>> https://www.wired.com/story/citizen-protect-subscription

>    What's your opinion Jim on that use of your Beloved Technology?

Well, it isn't MY technology.  And yes, technology can indeed be abused.  But merely collecting evidence does not necessarily amount to 'abuse'. 
_I_ had an idea, a year ago, for a "personal black box".  A way for a smartphone to continuously record information, with the intent of protecting the owner.  I see nothing wrong with using such a device, and you shoudn't, either, unless you think that a typical person shouldn't be able to protect himself.
The main trick, I figured, was that it would be useful to protect against the loss, or even the immediate destruction of the smartphone.  Sure, the device could continuously record video (and other data) in main memory, or into a micro-SD card, but such data could be lost if the smartphone was destroyed.    My idea was that the data might be instantly uploaded by cell-data, but only temporarily held at the cell site (say for a minute or so), but discarded if the subsequent information indicated that it was no longer necessary.  But if communication with the smartphone was suddenly cut off, this information would be kept, safely, and probably forward to that person's computer.  
This would minimize the actual transmission costs for the data, since the vast majority of that data would never actually be transmitted back for permanent storage. 

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