JIM BELL Project fined 80 billion for lying about encryption

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 3 10:37:52 PDT 2021

Jim Bell's Project promised an open-source P2P Deadpool running on basic 20yo Assasssinphones.
It delivered an obscurantist nationalist scam fit only for Nazi-Fag-Paultard-Morons.

" Anarchopulco ' without the drugs, girls and glamor.  

Like Wikileaks promised ' the unvarnished truth ' - and then delivered ' Collateral Murder ' with more varnish than a Stradivarius. 
I'm so old I remember when Jim Bell could preen, pose and posture as some sort of cypherpunk revolutionary. 
Nowadays he shuffles around the yard picking up butts for the likes of Batshit Crazy, Gramps and the Arse-Itch. Just another Randite-Nazi-Fag-Moron on the Lunar Right. 
Stop insulting everyone interested in crypto-anarchism, Jim. You suck. 
Go die.

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