Anarchism for dummies

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Aug 2 07:23:20 PDT 2021

The progress of modern technics, which wonderfully simplifies the production of all the necessaries of life; the growing spirit of independence, and the rapid spread of free initiative and free understanding in all branches of activity - including those which formerly were considered as the proper attribution of church and state - are steadily reinforcing the no-government tendency.

As to their economical conceptions, the anarchists, in common with all socialists, of whom they constitute the left wing, maintain that the now prevailing system of private ownership in land, and our capitalist production for the sake of profits, represent a monopoly which runs against both the principles of justice and the dictates of utility. They are the main obstacle which prevents the successes of modern technics from being brought into the service of all, so as to produce general well-being

For those deeply suspicious of ' Surveillance Valley ' , NSA types like Appelbaum and all pentagon inventions here is one really easy way to oppose that.

Get off the internet.

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