FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Aug 2 02:14:21 PDT 2021

> Demands that all platforms censor you if one does.

Now that YouTube and Twitter and FaceBook have
been formally tasked and enabled by the anti-1st Amdnt
Dems and Biden admin, both of which and their jurisdictions
are also continuning to provide tax incentives and pork to those
companies thus making the entire Democrat all-Media censorship
regime indeed an outright illegal infringement upon 1st Amdmt
that Trump is now rightly suing under...

Now that they have engaged the latest phase of Social Media
banning censorship deletion deranking demonetization etc
dropping all but the most boring sanitized content...
creators and viewers have been moving en masse to
alternative platforms, both centralized and decentralized.

And among those platforms that count hits,
the unique content is as popular as ever, with just
the links and names of services being seeded out
into the censored normie surface web.

Bitchute isn't distributed or censor free or all that popular
but it does record viewcounts, some going up into the millions.

Random examples...  Plandemic  Plandemic2 London Real - David Icke  Bill Gates  Shadowgate  How pandemic done  Patrick Byrne  Rubin and Jordan  Fall Cabal Europa PJW  SkyNews banned

Have fun down the hole...

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