Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Aug 1 22:59:11 PDT 2021

squinn wrote:
> If this really was "just the
> flu" I'd say so. It's not, it's far worse, and the vaccine is the best
> shot (pun intended) to get us past it.
> I have seen what COVID-19 does.

Pretty to see or not, and by whichever way and when,
death is ultimately a normal part of life.

This bug is out of the box, it's worldwide now,
supposedly mutating, etc. There are enough open labs
around the world that the silly "flu" people could pay for
a sequencing to crosscheck and [dis]prove existence.
If not, then you should be building open labs ASAP.

There's little more you can do, you're not putting this one
back in the box for at least a very long time, no amount
of lockdowns and distance and passport and mask and
discrimination and firing and jailing and fining and force
bullshit are going to do that.

They are now literally firing millions of people, forcing
them out of their jobs, for noncompliance, even though
they present effectively zero risk to others.

And the censorship of free speech has gone ballistic.

Meanwhile you still see exactly zero people dropping
dead in the street beyond rate of car wrecks heart
attacks shootings etc.

That critical window where the movie theme of just nuking
Wuhan from orbit to stop it has long since passed.

*You* can now mask and lockdown and vax *yourself*
however *you* want in order to "protect" *yourself*.

Those options disable any self-defense claim
to using force upon others.

If the science says an N-95 or better mask properly worn, and
vax, and lockdown, works... then do that *for yourself*. And leave
everyone else the fuck alone to their own choices. It's their right
to resist your force. And their right to be stupid and die if they want,
so let them!, you won't have to deal with them any much longer,
and you get all their stuff and land when they do.

And the free market will take care of access to limited
resources like hospitals as usual, supply-demand,
no magic or surprise there, you needed to build
capacity and publicly display their utilization anyway.

So just quit with the forcing other people to do your bidding.

Corona may soon be approaching a long tail and the
utopian bullshit around the zero-C game just isn't worth
the dystopian loss of freedom and sanity already lost,
let alone the future losses the GovCorp politik and
zero-C lunatics are still trying to impose.

None of it ever was, you just failed and let them
infiltrate your mind and FUD you the fuck out, oops.
Remove that and you'll find much better ways.

> We definitely know this originated outside of the US (in China,
> specifically), so there's no way it could be a US government "false
> flag" operation. That's the biggest load of bovine excrement I've ever
> read. Sheesh.

When global GovCorps have TOP-SECRET/SCI both
internally and among each other, then you "know" nothing
about those secrets until they're released. And history
proves there is always much you have yet to see.
You *still* don't even have all 9/11, JFK, MKULTRA, UFO,
WWII, CRYPTO, DETRICK, VECTOR, etc. And yet people
try to claim that Corona is somehow magically all transparent.
Lol. How retarded.

The US and France funded the Wuhan lab, and were involved in
funneling aware of and or doing "gain of function" re/to human
models and Fauci and Co were dodging that truth with at least
China covering it up. Then later Fauci NIH CDC etc received
emails (now partly FOIA leaked) early on indicating from a
professional research opinions with data backing it that it was
"engineered" and exhibiting unexpected sequences and to
contact them right away.

Go do your research on that.

Not even the worshipped has been able to get
in to fully audit those entities re this, and if it ever does,
you will never be privy to the full document set.

Then go lookup all the global and country and state
charts now showing the dates that mass lockdowns and
masking and vaxing were mandated versus the curves of
daily new cases and deaths. See what kind of scams
just that 1.5 years of data is now beginning to indicate.

First you will need to unplug from Leftist GovCorp
FakeNewsMedia and BigTechSocial since it breaks
and embarrases their [globalist/reset/b3w/power]
narrative, and they're all long since proven fully
censored and manipulating now anyway.

Then for motive and interest and capability see all
the other terrible projects the US and other countries
and various [geo]political elements have done in their
history through the present day. Look up all their
insane bioweapons programs too. How they're all
trying to screw each other and you.

There are enough bugs in the world already, you don't
need to be creating nastier ones to learn how to
squish the ones you've already got.

And you don't need to be stripping away rights
and freedom and livelihoods and sanity to fight them.

Humans have always known how to live with each
other and deal with bugs. This amped up ludicrous
bullshit is definitely not that.

Be human, protect your own self as you see fit, and
fight back against the insanity these nuts are trying
to force on you.

After all, you're all going to die somehow someday anyway,
so it's better to die free than under someone else's thumb.

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