Assassination Politics

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Aug 1 22:09:17 PDT 2021

Many great inventions were co-discoveries - calculus - evolution by natural-selections, etc.

I have to wonder if APster markets isn't another one.  Clearly Mongo knew about them though regarding them as a bug rather than a feature. 

Then STIFFS dotcom started sometime in the 1990's. 

Jim Bell's deathly silence every time they get mentioned is beginning to look suspicious.

Another claimant / pretender / carpetbagger is the libertarian moron, Robin Hanson. 

Claims he was hawking networked prediction marts around various corporations in the early-mid 90's.

WL dead-enders might want to claim him as a cypherpunk revolutionary.  If the hairpiece fits...

The Nazi-fag-Assmange-libertarian-moron credo is certainly clear enough by now...

" From each according to their gullibility - to each according to their greed "

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