about physical watermarking, redux

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 18:00:01 PDT 2021

Are you trying to make a physical cryptocurrency?
You've defined electronic dependencies, features, sigs, etc.

So how are people to do authentication?
That would be against a central service, or against
a central entity.
Then how do you do issuance?
How trust against printflation, etc?

Then if fully distributed away from any form of that central,
then you have thus defined a distributed electronic cryptocurrency
and thus no need for a paper version, nor could
such paper version be trusted by those who
don't posess the digital devices to validate it,
they'd be better off trusting gold or something they prefer.

> thought it'd take some kind of high end error correcting code.

qrencode and other tools can encode ecc.

> Any problems with my idea? I'd like to hear, especially since it has
> been a couple of decades coming.

This post indicates a larger project, can you link or post
your original texts that introduce it overall?

> watermarking ... missiles.

Government has zero interest in having others discover its
involvement in murder, and it can just go on the news and
claim the ones they do want to claim, just like terrorists do.
Nor are manufacturers of war and murder machines going
to embed such codes when their sovereign govt contract
will only pay those who dont.

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