More Plandemic Propaganda

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Sun Aug 1 13:40:13 PDT 2021

	According to wikimierda the 'spanish flu' killed  "17–100 million (estimates)"

	Oh wait. They actually don't have any hard data but 'estimates' with an error of fuckin 600% percent. Now, that's pure Science. 

	Then we have the Supreme Source of Truth, the pentagon-gates-netflix 'documentary'. 	According to netflix-pentagon Science :

	"It killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people"

	Ok so that's not even an 'estimate', but a declared fact. Although a fuzzy 'fact'...In this Scientific Reality, it's possible for 50 million people to die/not die at the same time. 

	But the pentagon-netflix 'documentary' also asserts 

	"in the 20th, a pandemic killed almost five percent of the world's population in just two years." 

	Sooo, worlds populations was allegedy 1800 millions, 5% is 90 millions. Now it turns out that an 'estimate' of 17 millions became a declared Scientific Fact of 90 millions. 
	Of course, netflix is one the basic pilars of US Culture and is the source of the Scientific Education of US turds. 

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