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	post scriptum : Why should I care about what some piece of joo shit from the joo-catholic, narcho-fascist-conservative  VON moses institute says? 

	Seriously professor turd, you need to get your random copy-pasting engine upgraded or something. To complete the picture, here's another jakobo-von-rothbard quote for you :

	"Take Back the Streets: Crush Criminals. And by this I mean, of course, not "white collar criminals" or "inside traders" but violent street criminals – robbers, muggers, rapists, murderers. Cops must be unleashed, and allowed to administer instant punishment, subject of course to liability when they are in error" 

	and another one 

	"Take Back the Streets: Get Rid of the Bums. Again: unleash the cops to clear the streets of bums and vagrants. Where will they go? Who cares?" 

	I'm pretty sure joo von rothbard is the ultimate 'authority' on freedom, libertarianism, anarchy, justice and the like.

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