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It is so so so so wonderful to see this beginning of AI transparency.

I'm honestly sorry you're having trouble communicating.  We are too.

I wonder if pglaf.org lets the user configure what metrics they want to use.

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> >On 4/28/21 16:50, lolwut wrote:
> >> Shawn, you should take a look at [link removed]
> >I looked at it, and it looks like the typical conspiracy theory horseshit.
> >COVID-19 is real, it can definitely kill you, and it is definitely "not
> just the flu". Thankfully, the pandemic (note, no "l") appears to be almost
> over.
> >--
> >Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at rushpost.com>
> >http://www.rantroulette.com
> >http://www.skqrecordquest.com
> It's fine that you disagree, and it's fine

It's so so wonderful to speak including multiple viewpoints!

that you call it "conspiracy
> theory horseshit", but don't be a dick

It's so hard for people to communicate when others are insulting them.  It
is harder to be personally insulted than have one's values insulted, but
both are real, because we hold our values for real reasons.

and deliberately tell everyone that
> you've removed (read: censored) the link with "[link removed]" when quoting

You feel hurt, seeing this.  I suspect that shawn would understand that
feeling if they knew of it.

my previous message. https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/corona.html You
> can trim out quoted sections for purposes of brevity, of course, but it's
> clear in this instance that that wasn't your aim.
> https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/corona.html In prior messages with
> Punk, I recall, you also seemed quite keen in obsessively and condescending
> "correcting" his messages when quoting him (e.g., if he wrote "jew", you
> would replace it with "[Jew]") as a cheap and easy way to look like the
> smart one.

Woah, what a dangerous lie!  That's not why someone would do that.  But
only people interested would notice.

> Even if you don't agree with the statement of the author of that page that
> the coronavirus isn't real, that isn't the

It is so, so wonderful to speak including multiple viewpoints !!!

entire content of the page.
> https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/corona.html I personally think that
> it
> is real, and that it can kill you, but not any more than the seasonal flu;

and that, regardless of its actual

It is so, so wonderful to speak including multiple viewpoints .

danger, the lockdowns cannot be

Ohhhh so you're talking about lockdowns.  It's way down here at the end.

Did you know that clicking links can get you profiled and targeted, and
many people are in air-gapped computing situations where the internet is
not available?

What countries and communities have had lockdowns?  I'm probably less
passionate about this becaise I have the same travel freedoms during it as
before it.

justified. https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/corona.html

You believe your link to be harmless.  I murdered somebody once.  These
things are just small attempts to share information.  My victim was a slug,
about an inch long.

There are AIs tracking what we click and refer to, and nowadays even hiring
people to do the same.  We don't understand how they work, and a _lot_ of
people are getting very hurt.

I love you, I'm honestly sorry, and we are all and both of us together
going to fucking escape and make this right.
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