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> On 4/28/21 16:50, lolwut wrote:
> > Shawn, you should take a look at [link removed]
> I looked at it, and it looks like the typical conspiracy theory horseshit.
> COVID-19 is real, it can definitely kill you, and it is definitely "not
> just the flu". Thankfully, the pandemic (note, no "l") appears to be
> almost over.
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Just to step in here, it's very dangerous to respond to troll-like behavior
these years.  Their bosses are trying to sort us into buckets of beliefs
and response behaviors, to make use of, or to harm, our communities.  See
e.g. christopher wylie.

It's nice that with coronavirus, entire nations actually took real action
on a real, pervasive situation which severely threatens only a minority of
people.  That has certainly not always been the case, and is needed.

We are still learning to be able to talk about it.
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