Cryptocurrency: Offers A New World of Choices Free From Force Theft Subjugation War

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Thu Apr 29 01:38:59 PDT 2021  Debate: Crypto Saylor vs
Gold Giustra

Michael Saylor: Go fuck yourself... tax that!
So apparently government couldn't care less when banks secretly get
$16T of bailouts of fiat from the Fed, but when people use crypto to
secure their financial wellbeing, it becomes a problem
And then we have SEC who sued Ripple for selling an "unregistered
security". Why aren't the SEC suing the banks and the government for
the bailouts, especially when these are the big banks that don't need
them? Oh wait, SEC is part of the government.
When you hear about some criminal with a stolen suitcase of cash no
one cares. Meanwhile, talk about carrying stolen bitcoin and monero
and now people hates crypto for money laundering, and the government
works extra hard to crack down and put regulations whenever possible.
It's a double standard. And they let the banks launder $2T a year.
The government is fucked.
Stay vigilant Brothers & Sisters ! A new governing monster (Crypto
Council for Innovation) is being created to (potentially) strip
privacy, enforce 100% KYC compliance, destroy scarcity & secure of the
Bitcoin protocol. The loser barons of #UASF war are at it again !
The “Digital Currency Group” or “DCG” is run by a group of people who
are not software developers, trying to crowbar a place for themselves
in The Transformation; the global shift away from fiat currency to a
market generated and programmable sound money in the shape of Bitcoin.
The DCG serves no useful purpose in Bitcoin. They don’t produce any
software, and when they discuss Bitcoin with legislators, their
Computer Illiteracy causes profound misunderstandings that have the
potential to trigger a raft of damaging legislation like the notorious
and corrosive BitLicense of New York.

Because you're the product. Governments don't make money. They don't
generate wealth. They acumulate money by harvesting yours. You need to
be sufficiently pliable to know that you ultimately exist to create
more wealth for the ruling minority without revolting. And you are.
We're so complacent that they don't actually need to form a
dictatorship; we're wiling participants in our own demise. The game is
rigged against us, but we're comfortable enough not to question the
institution too much.
But we hold the power. We ARE the power.
Read. And Question authority.

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