Cryptocurrency: Activists on Ballot to Fuck with NY BitLicense, Crypto Wealth Enters Politics

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Apr 29 00:30:23 PDT 2021
Vote for John Oliver; it's real! He is on the ballot in NYC.

I am running for Public Advocate of the City of New York and Crypto
Bitcoin Paperboy Love Prince is running for Mayor of New York City.

Pierce Brock, why did you donate to NYC corrupt politicians that are
the one that block the repeal of the New York BitLicense?

Fuck Yes !!!! I am on the ballot as a Democratic Party candidate in
New York City !!!! Help me get elected and I will fuck with the
Bitlicense !!!!
I am now an official candidate for the second most powerful position
in New York City. If someone want to write something about all the
Bitcoiner running for a city position in New York city, ping me!
What a roller coaster ride !!!!! I am on the Ballot for Public Advocate !!!!
For those here who don't know me, I had a small Bitcoin business
company in 2013 New York City with more than 150 stores in the Bronx
and Upper Manhattan and the BitLicense was promulgated. I have been
pissed ever since. The corrupt judge never looked at the case:
It has been a roller coaster to get on the ballot.

Page #3 .... Right there ...

They tried to kick me off that ballot ... they tried, and I made it!
Fuck them, and you can quote me!

And regarding the other person, Paperboy Love Prince, quoted in the WSJ:
"The service would run on blockchain and employ locally-mined digital
currency. [...] The profits, the resources that come from them will go
back to the citizens."
The ride from HELL !!!! This is pure joy right now!

We have more coming out but now we need your help to tell the story out there.
I feel joyous ! Fuck yeah !

If you are in New York City, contact me, +1.718.701.0140



According to the list you donated to all the corrupt politicians. What
are you trying to prove?Why didn't you check with the NY Libertarian

With you money you could instead work to help the real anti corruption
people. Why are you making our work harder?

Theo ChinoCandidate for Public Advocate. or

For those outside New York that don't know, here is Paperboy song
explaining the issue:

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