Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Fog Service Raided, Coin Privacy Seeks New Popup Operators

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Apr 29 00:21:05 PDT 2021

US authorities on Tuesday arrested Roman Sterlingov in Los Angeles,
according to court records, and charged him with laundering more than
1.2 million bitcoins -- worth $336 million at the times of the
payments -- over the 10 years that he allegedly ran Bitcoin Fog.

As with filesharing, these legacies of service fall only
to be replaced by many more instances of far
more resistant services utilizing all the accumulated
knowledge and techniques to date. Privacy is always in
demand, thus will always spawn an ever growing variety
of services, protocols, and designs to service those
entirely valid rights and needs of humanity.

While swaps will continue to pop up and operate
throughout the forseeable future, crypto privacy protocols
are advancing... coin join/shuffle/fusion services and wallets,
dark exchanges, DEX, statistical Monero and cryptographic Zcash,
plus many newer things in the development pipeline.

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