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Biden Administration To Ban Menthol Cigarettes... Because They're 'Racist'?
The Biden administration will propose canceling (banning) menthol
cigarettes because they attack more black people than white people.

Hunter Biden To Lecture Tulane Students About "Media Polarization" & "Fake News"
As Hunter Biden trudges ahead in his father-directed campaign... the
political scion and notorious trans-national influence peddler has
signed on as a guest speaker for a course on media relations -
specifically, the course is called "Media Polarization and Public
Policy Impacts".
A book by a Barnard College English instructor named Ben Philippe has
caused a firestorm due to his depiction of a fantasy of gassing white

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is "very uncomfortable" with Biden's plan
- telling CNN's Manu Raju: "We want to find how we're gonna pay for
it. ... Are we going to be able to be competitive and be able to pay
for what we need in the country?”
The scale of the plan has increased in scope since the first details
of a preliminary version were leaked to the press earlier this month.
Biden admin consistantly uses these deceptive "increasing tactics" to
sneak in undesired policies that would otherwise be rejected.
President Biden will head to Capitol Hill Wednesday night for the
first time since Inauguration Day... a casual visit by the president
would risk spoiling the narrative that the Capitol remains a
battle-scarred wreck since the Jan. 6 "uprising".

"It's An Act Of War" - Texas Counties Declare Disaster Over Border Crisis
A Honduran woman’s body was found dumped in the brush on private
property in Goliad County, Texas, after she had been smuggled hundreds
of miles north from the border in March, according to county Sheriff
Roy Boyd. In another case, an old shed on a ranch was being used to
strip stolen vehicles in preparation for smuggling people.
Seven illegal aliens and a driver are apprehended in La Salle County,
Texas, on April 24, 2021. (La Salle County Sheriff's Office)
Boyd says the county—which sits about 200 miles north of the
U.S.–Mexico border—is used as a staging area for smuggling illegal
aliens to Houston.
    “What happens is they’ll bring them up from the border to
somewhere in this area. They’ll drop them off at a temporary holding
site and then someone from Houston comes and picks them up and then
takes them to Houston, where they’re distributed across the United
States,” he said.
Goliad County, with a population of 7,600, is one of four Texas
counties that issued local states of disaster last week due to the
impact of the border surge. Three of the counties are located 40 to
200 miles north of the border but are dealing with cross-border crime
and human smuggling every day.
In their declarations, each of the counties—Kinney, Goliad, La Salle,
and Atascosa—said the “health, life, and property” of their residents
are “under imminent threat of disaster from the human trafficking
occurring on our border with Mexico.”
Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 76,000 illegal aliens along
the U.S.–Mexico border in the first two weeks of April. In addition,
the average number of illegal aliens who evade capture is about 1,000
per day.
    “The ongoing border crisis has resulted in thousands of illegal
aliens invading South Texas and overwhelming our local, state, and
federal law enforcement,” the Goliad County declaration reads.
    “This continual violation of our sovereignty and territorial
integrity has resulted in residents of South Texas being assaulted,
threatened with violence, and robbed, while also sustaining vast
amounts of property damage.”
The declarations request that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott deploy additional
law enforcement personnel and state military forces to help control
the situation.
Goliad County Judge Mike Bennett, who signed his county’s declaration,
said he expects 200 or more of Texas’s 254 counties to follow suit.
    “We don’t have a lot of redundancy in these small counties and
it’s taking up every bit of their resources,” Bennett said during a
public meeting in Westache on April 22.
    “This needs to be addressed at the source—which is our border—and
that’s what we’re hoping our governor will do.”
On April 26, Abbott asked county judges to send him a “full and
accurate” estimate of the fiscal impact on their county so he can bill
the federal government for costs incurred.
Boyd said he’s been dealing with border issues since 2005.
    “I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” he said at the public
meeting. “Things pretty much started drying up on the border during
the last administration. Things were pretty much under control.
    “Well, that came to a real fast end, and it’s the Wild West on steroids.”
Boyd asked locals to check their land for signs of illegal activity,
including discarded water bottles, campfire remnants, and large
amounts of trash.
    “If we’re not going to do something about any of this, then we’re
not a nation,” he said.
    “I’d much rather see the federal government get off their duff and
do something about this, but, I’m sorry, I have no faith. It’s going
to have to come from the state of Texas. If the state doesn’t do
something, it’s all going to be over.”
Law enforcement apprehends illegal aliens being smuggled in a van in
Kinney County, Texas, on April 23, 2021. (Kinney County Sheriff’s
Short on Resources
Kinney County, which started the ball rolling on the disaster
declarations, is the only one of the four counties that’s situated on
the international border. The county is a direct smuggling route from
Del Rio to San Antonio.
Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe said he has six full-time deputies to
cover 1,400 square miles.
    “We can’t do it,” he said.
    “My guys have been in more pursuits in the past year than most
police officers will do in a lifetime. We’re catching more and more
every day. We file charges, [then] we have to let them go because our
jails are full.”
On April 23, the sheriff’s office posted a message on its Facebook
page: “In less than 18 hours, Kinney County Sheriff’s Deputies have
encountered 5 human trafficking cases and 1 stolen vehicle.”
Kinney County attorney Brent Smith said Texas should act on its own
accord to enforce its border with Mexico.
    “It is my opinion that an emergency declaration by Governor Abbott
or the Texas Legislature would authorize Texas to take certain steps
in the enforcement of its own borders and the protection of its
citizens’ health, safety, and welfare,” Smith wrote in The 830 Times
on April 8.
Newly elected Lavaca County Judge Mark Myers also spoke at the public
meeting, despite his county not declaring a disaster. His county sits
between the border and Houston.
Since January, within the county, more than 13 pickup trucks have been
stolen, and seven high-speed pursuits ended in crashes. Three illegal
aliens have been airlifted to hospitals.
    “This all costs taxpayer money, because illegal aliens don’t pay
that bill—you do,” Myers said, adding that it costs $40,000 to airlift
an injured person.
    “This is not a sustainable future. We cannot do this.”
Myers encouraged the 400 to 500  participants at the meeting to “flood
the telephone network” of state representatives in Austin.
“The governor needs to act on this, and he needs to treat it as what
it is, which is an invasion of our nation. This is an act of war,”
Myers said.

Dan Bongino: Trump To Restart MAGA Rallies As Early As May

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