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>> hypocrisy

> But the gruesome story of Sicknick's “murder” was too valuable to
> allow any questioning. It was weaponized over and over to depict the
> pro-Trump mob not as just violent but barbaric and murderous, because
> if Sicknick weren't murdered by them, then nobody was (without
> Sicknick, the only ones killed were four pro-Trump supporters: two who
> died of a heart attack, one from an amphetamine overdose, and the
> other, Ashli Babbitt, who was shot point blank in the neck by Capitol
> Police despite being unarmed). So crucial was this fairy tale about
> Sicknick that it made its way into the official record of President
> Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, and they had Joe Biden
> himself recite from the script, even as clear facts mounted proving it
> was untrue.

Lawyer For Ashli Babbitt's Family Says Lawsuit Will Be Filed Soon
Against US Capitol Police

A lawyer for Ashli Babbitt’s family said that they will file a lawsuit
against the U.S. Capitol Police after a Capitol Police officer shot
and killed her during the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

No charges were filed against the officer who shot Babbitt. The
officer has not been identified publicly. Babbitt, a U.S. Air Force
veteran, was unarmed when she tried to climb through one of the
Capitol doors before the officer shot her.

    “The family and I were disappointed in the Department of Justice’s
decision on this, but my role is really to bring a civil action and in
that way, vindicate her rights,” Terry Roberts told Newsmax on Monday.

The Babbitt family, he said, disagrees with the Department of
Justice’s move to not pursue criminal charges against the officer,
adding “clearly, the officer required willfullness … he could clearly
see that she was not armed” and didn’t present an immediate threat.
The officer also didn’t give ample warning before the shooting,
Roberts said.

    “This is a situation in which the officer could have easily
arrested her if he had grounds to arrest her without using deadly
force,” he said.

    “This was an egregious act of excessive force.”

Because Babbitt was a supporter of former President Donald Trump,
Roberts suggested that the officer involved in the shooting got off

The family has not yet filed the lawsuit but will do so soon, he added
in the interview.

Roberts previously told The Epoch Times in March that the lawsuit
could entail an excessive use of force complaint.

    “That will be filed against the officer, the Capitol Police,” he
said at the time.

An investigator said that his firm has successfully identified
multiple witnesses and spoken to them and a team has spent weeks
collecting open-source videos and photographs as part of the effort to
reconstruct what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting.

Roberts then added:

    “Witnesses confirm that the officer did not give Ashli a single
verbal warning prior to firing. In fact, Ashli was not even aware that
the officer was present, as he was located in the doorway of a room
off to the side of her field of vision.”

But Mark Schamel, an attorney for the officer, told The Epoch Times
via email that the officer warned people inside not to enter the
Speaker’s Lobby.

    “He fired only one shot at the only person who breached the locked
doors and makeshift barricade that had been erected. He did so after
clearly identifying himself and ordering the mob not to come through
the barricade,” Schamel said.

    “He used tremendous restraint in only firing one shot, and his
actions stopped the mob from breaking through and turning a horrific
day in American history into something so much worse.”

Unfortunately for you, civil suits against Government are actually
paid out entirely from funds focibly stolen from and indebted upon you.
Since you sheeple are too busy worshipping Government to tell
them no, Government has zero incentive to stop murdering you.

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