SpyVeillance: FISA FBI Continues Spying Americans Without Warrant

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Tue Apr 27 03:53:47 PDT 2021

Notably amid having been unable to show hardly any notable
depth or breadth of criminal results in 20 years of SpyVeillance,
abuse, waste, entrapment, outright grooming unto crime,
political corruption, and power keeping since 9/11...


Declassified FISA Opinion Shows More FBI Abuses

Authored by 'Techno Fog' via The Reactionary substack,
The FBI continued to spy on Americans without a warrant...

A FISA Court opinion and order declassified today reveals continued
FBI abuses of “raw FISA-acquired information.” After a DOJ National
Security Division review, the FISA Court noted “the FBI’s failure to
properly apply its querying standard when searching Section
702-acquired information was more pervasive than was previously

This opinion includes these findings:

April 2019 - July 2019: An FBI technical information specialist was
involved in “Compliance incidents” by conducting 124 queries of
Section 702-acquired information on (1) Volunteers who had requested
to participate in the FBI’s “Citizens Academy”; (2) Persons who needed
to enter the field office to perform repairs; and (3) Persons who
reported they were victims of a crime.

August 2019 - October 2019: An FBI Task Force Office “conducted
approximately 69 queries using names and identifiers of individuals…”
The redactions keep secret the identity of the victims.

Other Violations:

    One FBI intelligence analyst “conducted 110 queries for analytic paper.”

    Another analyst conducted improper queries for “ongoing vetting of
confidential human sources” as well as “overly broad queries” and
“mistakenly failed to opt out of querying against raw FISA-acquired

Judge James Boasberg, who presides over the FISA Court, found little
issue with these abuses. In fact, Boasberg concluded:

    “[T]he Court is willing to again conclude that the improper
queries described above do not undermine its prior determination that,
with implementation of the documentation requirement, the FBI’s
querying and minimization procedures meet statutory and Fourth
Amendment requirements.”

HOWEVER - Boasberg then concludes that the government has reported
numerous incidents involving searches of FISA information without

In other words, the FBI is using FISA acquired information to
investigate domestic crimes - not matters of foreign intelligence.
These included investigations of “health-care fraud, transnational
organized crime, violent gangs, domestic terrorism involving racially
motivated violent extremists, as well as investigations relating to
public corruption and bribery.”

“Public corruption and bribery.” I highlight that last part because it
means the FBI continued to improperly use FISA-acquired information to
spy on government officials.

As we previously reported, Boasberg declined to sentence former FBI
attorney Kevin Clinesmith to prison - not even a day - after
Clinesmith altered a CIA email and lied about it to others within the
FBI in furtherance of a Carter Page FISA renewal. The FISA heightened
duty of candor doesn’t come with heightened punishments for violating
that duty.

After the latest revelations of abuse and unaccountability, perhaps
it’s time for FBI Director Wray, Judge Boasberg, and the Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act to go.

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