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Tue Apr 27 03:33:01 PDT 2021

Dems apparently have a history of sucking so bad
that they get recalled again and again...

Recall Newsom Election Officially Triggered In California After
Signatures Counted

A recall effort against California governor Gavin Newsom (D) gained
enough signatures to trigger a special election, according to the
latest count by the Secretary of State's office, which says 1,626,042
submitted signatures have been verified - surpassing the 1.495 million
signatures required.

According to KTLA, California voters will face two questions; "Should
Newsom be recalled and who should replace him?" If there aren't enough
votes on the first question, votes on the second question will be

    Among the most prominent Republicans running to replace Newsom are
former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and reality TV star Caitlyn
Jenner, who has never run for elected office. Businessman John Cox,
who lost badly to Newsom in 2018, and former Congressman Doug Ose,
also are running.

    In 2003, voters recalled Democratic Gov. Gray Davis and replaced
him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s the only other recall
of a California governor to qualify for the ballot. -KTLA

"The People of California have done what the politicians thought would
be impossible. This recall movement to remove Governor Gavin Newsom
from office has reached yet another milestone," said Orrin Heatlie,
Lead Proponent of the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign and founder of the
California Patriot Coalition.

According to the petition, grounds for the recall are as follows:
"Governor Newsom has implemented laws which are detrimental to the
citizens of this state and our way of life. Laws he endorsed favor
foreign nationals, in our country illegally, over that of our own
citizens. People in this state suffer the highest taxes in the nation,
the highest homelessness rates,  and  the  lowest  quality  of  life
as  a  result.  He  has  imposed  sanctuary  state  status  and  fails
 to  enforce  immigration  laws.  He  unilaterally  over-ruled  the
will  of  the  people regarding the death penalty. He seeks to impose
additional burdens on our state by the following; removing the
protections of Proposition 13, rationing our water use, increasing
taxes and restricting parental rights."

Newsom, who's into "double masking," is also a giant hypocrite -
breaking his own lockdown edict last November by dining with medical
industry lobbyists at an opulent dinner at the French Laundry
restaurant in Yountville, California, while small business owners
across the state died on the vine from stater and local lockdown
policies. Newsom's pandemic restrictions have notably been struck down
by multiple judges for lack of legal or scientific justification -
while several California sheriffs from major counties also publicly
announced that they wouldn't be 'blackmailed, bullied or used as
muscle' to enforce Newsom's 'dictatorial' lockdowns.

According to Newsom, and in spite of the above, responded to the
recall as an effort by the 'extreme right wing' to take power, saying
"This is a Republican effort...this is a Donald Trump effort."

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