SW That Elected Trump Based On SW That Elected Obama

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 23:45:31 PDT 2021

>>> The book is called "Mindf*ck, Cambridge Analytica


> https://twitter.com/HindsightFiles


CA appeared some limited scope rather party internal
seeking out its own supporters, analytical, a 2nd gen
tactical run use of data excercise as done
earlier in prior elections. Among other tactics, mostly
using platforms, not being the platforms themselves.

So was not in comparison to the mass brainwashing
programming censorship and steering campaign blanket
conducted by seemingly wholly Leftist owned Fake News,
Big Tech, and Social Media corrupt platforms themselves,
across 200+ Millions an entire nations of peoples indiscriminantly.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZggCipbiHwE  Fake News Example for
Basic Bitch Analysts

It was and is unprecedented, beyond Orwellian, and far from basic.
Those that can't see it, are blind.
Blinded by their TV which they need to unplug from and wake up.

"they are simply unaware of the invasive sophistication
of these technologies..."

So now both Mass Data Tech and Mass Programming Channels
are running rampant unrestricted influence ops in election wilds,
global contexts, etc.

And States worldwide are still refusing to allow open public
all access inspections of election meta, HW/SW,
and results... "trust us", refusing to hear court cases, etc...
corruption and gratuitous power loves to sustain and hide itself
over and from you in those ways. Quite hilarious that even
binary OS kernels are more open to debugging inspection
than your political systems (which shouldn't even exist,
evolve past those legacy models).

2023 will be even more insane... expect that.

The only way out is to stop forcing other people to be
your slaves, and route around and put off the slavers.
NAP, Cryptocurrency, and The Tiny Dot,
among other things.

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