USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Apr 25 20:27:38 PDT 2021

> hypocrisy Left Bill Maher Blasts
Left Stupidity
He rightly decries the politicization of medicine and the manner in
which the media has been a handmaiden of panic throughout.

    Well it's been over a week since I checked on the Neanderthal and
science states and sure enough, the rate of new cases in the science
states is still 340% higher
    The best part is that literally no one in media cares that the
President, Fauci & the CDC were so unbelievably wrong
    — IM (@ianmSC) April 15, 2021

Biden Yellen global-minimum-corporate-tax-rate...
the pauperization of workers, which will be aggravated precisely by
what is pursued as an overall goal: extracting more income from labor
and reviving the profitability of capital as a whole. They are not
doing it to tackle inequality. What they are about is to reinforce the
state’s capacity for economic action. Rebalancing acts between
imperialist interests... are never peaceful or smooth.

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