Censorship Silent non-Public [re: prediction of control user program]

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 23:33:22 PDT 2021

> I tried to send this to libtech but I don't seem to be able to

At least two posts silently censored there this week alone,
plus now perhaps or likely yours.

Libtech et al are run by such censors, they censor libertarian,
freedom, alternate views, refutations, and crypto speech, while
permitting piles of lame job conference and paper posts.
Libtech, cryptography, tor... all now silently cowardly, censored,
and dead... any former ethos gone, now pro GovCorp force of death
leftist "democracy", anti actual freedom peace love anarchy,
quite possibly sold out. Sad really.

Any system capable of predicting behaviour,
is a system that will be abused to control fuck and enslave you.

The only valid reason to discover and catalog the state of it,
is to fight back against it until it is gone.

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