was Re: Autonomy and Code

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 16:06:39 PDT 2021

Thanks for your nice replies.

my mind is scattered, but i'm sending this e-mail to do the friendly
reply thing.  if you have a link to your validation project maybe i
can test it out or something.

>> Hi coderman ^ any middle monkeys,
> *waves*

>> What problem spaces do you see or are passionate about?
>> Are you working on anything?
> right now i am working on technology that facilitates content
> discovery, sourcing, and validation.
> if you can validate information on social media, it becomes news.
> if you invalidate claims on social media, it becomes misinformation.
> distinguishing between news and misinfo is a hard problem, and
> critical to fighting lies, misinformation, propaganda, etc.

what can we do to support your work?

[that sounds like cool (and important) work.  i'm curious.  I always
think towards pointing towards blockchained history, to validate

I rediscovered prolog and logic programming recently.  Interesting
ideas of formal validation of statements of facts.  Machine learning
algorithms can now somewhat break the automation barrier between
statement and experience.]

>> I've also been deniably brainwashed so I work on eeg technology
>> sometimes, so such things can have more proof some day.
> i look forward to turning these read-only brain technologies into
> read/write :P

there's been read/write tech for some time, although that hasn't been
my focus.  what are you looking for in this?


>> I'm interested in most other parts of problem spaces but haven't worked
>> on most of them recently.  Often I find myself gravitating towards AI
>> technology which is clearly and slowly replacing software development.
>> In my edge spaces I work with open hardware and radio a little.
> check out this 2.6 trillion transistor processor for AI workloads :
> https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/semiconductors/processors/cerebras-giant-ai-chip-now-has-a-trillions-more-transistors
> we'll likely see this level of compute in personal hands in our lifetimes
> :)

i've always been big on optimising algorithms, but yeah it does look
like that kind of thing will happen pretty soon.

>> I'm not sure I'm _able_ to help these situations with work ... not
>> because
>> it is technically impossible, but because of my brainwashing ...
> even if you can't directly contribute, there is value in learning and
> testing
> these technologies - you never know who will find your experience relevant
> to
> what they're up to.

small parts! small parts =)

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