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hello Karl!  my replies inline below,

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> On Thursday, April 22, 2021 12:41 PM, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi coderman ^ any middle monkeys,


> I don't hear you introducing any ideas here, but I'm aware you
> have some form of the issue too.

my issues are mostly time related. there's just not enough of it to
do everything i want to do in personal life, family life, work life,
recreation life.

such is the human condition :)

i am fortunate that health issues have relented.
those can impair your fuction completely. :/

> What problem spaces do you see or are passionate about?
> Are you working on anything?

right now i am working on technology that facilitates content
discovery, sourcing, and validation.

if you can validate information on social media, it becomes news.

if you invalidate claims on social media, it becomes misinformation.

distinguishing between news and misinfo is a hard problem, and
critical to fighting lies, misinformation, propaganda, etc.

it's also surprisingly fraught with technical and human challenges :)

not really cypherpunky, so i don't bring it up here...

> I've been forced to destroy evidence of some really important things,
> so I work on blockchain storage sometimes.

this is important - we take persistence for granted. but it must be
intentionally maintained!  so much digital history is sent to /dev/null

> I've also been deniably brainwashed so I work on eeg technology
> sometimes, so such things can have more proof some day.

i look forward to turning these read-only brain technologies into
read/write :P

> I'm interested in most other parts of problem spaces but haven't worked
> on most of them recently.  Often I find myself gravitating towards AI
> technology which is clearly and slowly replacing software development.
> In my edge spaces I work with open hardware and radio a little.

check out this 2.6 trillion transistor processor for AI workloads :

we'll likely see this level of compute in personal hands in our lifetimes :)

> I'm not sure I'm _able_ to help these situations with work ... not because
> it is technically impossible, but because of my brainwashing ...

even if you can't directly contribute, there is value in learning and testing
these technologies - you never know who will find your experience relevant to
what they're up to.

keep on developing! and take care of yourself,

best regards,


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