FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

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Thu Apr 22 21:53:18 PDT 2021

> hypocrisy

Here one of the most egregious censors of all Social Media,
Leftist tilters and stealers of the 2020 elections,
awards itself a Free Speech Award, brags censorship...

Google YouTube CEO Wins 'Freedom Of Expression' Award Sponsored By... YouTube

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has hilariously received the 2021 Free
Expression Award - which, as one can tell by looking in the
upper-right corner of the 'awards ceremony' - was sponsored by
An avalanche of dislikes for Wojcicki (via Barstool Sports)

The award, given last week, 'supports the educational work of the
Freedom Forum Institute by recognizing individuals for their
courageous acts of free and fearless expression.'

Of course, one is free to express themselves on YouTube - unless
you're Steven Crowder, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, The Epoch Times,
OANN, or anyone else hoping for visibility or monetization of any
content slightly right of Mao.

    Thankful for the freedom of expression afforded to me by YouTube.
    — Gar🐝 J👀man (@Gee2TheAitch) April 18, 2021

More via

In the digital awards ceremony, YouTube video creator Molly Burke
praised Wojcicki as a “free speech leader” before the YouTube CEO
detailed in her acceptance speech how much the platform censors its
users, according to a report by RT.

“The freedoms we have, we really can’t take for granted,” Wojcicki
declared, adding that “we also need to make sure there are limits.”
Literally, right after giving herself an award for being a free speech
activist, she admits that she’s not a free speech activist and censors
people, putting a limit on free speech.

If there are limits, it isn’t free speech. But Wojcicki doesn’t care
because she gave herself this award, so it can be as hypocritical as
she wants.  She added that YouTube removed nine million videos in the
last quarter, 90% of which were taken down by machines. She also said
there is “a lot of content that technically meets the spirit of what
we’re trying to do, but it is borderline, and so for that content, we
will just reduce – meaning we’re not going to recommend it to our

Thankfully, the irony was not lost on the public. YouTube and Wojcicki
were thrashed for this:

    since no one else has, it looks like i'm going to have to be the
one who posts this pic.
    — Alan MacLeod (@AlanRMacLeod) April 19, 2021

Politico Becomes Pravda: Use Of Word "Crisis" Banned When Describing
Border Crisis

Politico has turned narrative-shaping up to 11 with it's latest
decision to ban its journalists from using the word 'crisis' to
describe the flood of illegal immigrants currently overwhelming US
border detention facilities after President Biden essentially invited
them with campaign promises followed by a flurry of Executive Orders
on immigration which all but rolled out the red carpet.
According to an internal Politico memo written by deputy production
director Maya Parthasarathy and obtained by the Washington Examiner,
journalists are to: "Avoid referring to the present situation as a
crisis, although we may quote others using that language while
providing context.
And while Biden himself used the word "crisis" when describing the
border situation last week, the White House has repeatedly denied that
the word applies - which means Politico is toeing the official party
line regarding the border crisis.
"Avoid emotive words like onslaught, tidal wave, flood, inundation,
surge, invasion, army, march, sneak, and stealth," the memo reads.

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