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hello Karl, my replies below as usual :)

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> On Thursday, April 22, 2021 6:38 AM, Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> You can tell that people like me and grarpamp are in serious trouble,
> because we are complaining about problems instead of doing work
> together to solve them.
> That is not how a software developer, or an anarchist, ever behaves.
> Communication is crucial: but spending time primarily arguing gets
> very little done.

discussion is necessary to define the problem space -
 without a clear definition of the problem, you may attempt to solve
 non-problems, wasting time.

what is interesting about software development is that work done at
the design phase impacts all the others after it: implementation,
 deployment, maintenance, and support.

in software security, you actually want to go slow and fully define
your problems - screw up and you might not just break the app, you
may destroy the privacy of your users!

a penny wise up front saves pounds of error later...

that said: time spent talking past each other is not discourse -
it's blathering; wasting time.

the key is to find and support productive conversations!

> No working community member waits, of their own free will, for
> others to solve their problems, unless they are not free to do so
> themselves.

the complexity of modern life often means we don't know how to solve
the problems facing us. they are simply too intractable for a single
individual to comprehend and resolve entirely themselves.

the key here is to not get discouraged. remember that in decentralized
systems each individual node contributes to the health of the whole.

we don't need to solve all our problems, but we should try to solve
the immediate, tractable ones while supporting efforts to tackle
larger issues.

> Autonomy and code.
> [[spam] like usual; I'm in a dissociated state posting this, and
>  it's very hard to judge the content.]

code can indeed help solve our problems.
 but it also creates new ones...
  such is life ;P

best regards,



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