Cypherpunks: There Are None Here (ex: Privacy 1984: Predictive Policing on the Rise)

Karl gmkarl at
Sun Apr 18 21:39:48 PDT 2021

Took me a while to read this post, and I am sanely sad that it doesn't say
more about this situation.

I would like to say this:
- It is obvious that cryptographic communities and anarchist communities
become targeted.
- People can get seriously hurt in targeted communities, especially
organisers or other key people with few supports.
- Most people just get drawn away from the communities, rather than
seriously hurt.
- Multiple people have disappeared from this community.

I'm like it if we found the people who have left and looked for patterns to
their leaving, and talked about those patterns on the list, and linked to
previous discussions of such things.

You are a part of this community, even if you are just a visitor on the web.

Honestly as quantum computing, artificial intelligence, widespread device
compromise, and private use of military contractors (notably for
surveillance) all develop, I'm sure many are quite skeptical of
cryptography's present ability to keep us safe of anything.  Maybe
cryptography can't be safe right now, or maybe that is not true.  I'm not a
cryptographer, but I imagine a future where automated cryptanalysis can
provide proven success.

It is really smelly that this list is still using a plain-text,
centralised, privately administered transport.  Really really really
smelly.  I imagine somewhere out there, the real cypherpunks messages are

On Wed, Sep 9, 2020, 10:02 PM grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> Anyway, it is quite reasonably doubtful that any so
> called "Cypherpunks" or "Crypto Anarchists" or even
> any lesser Libertarians even exist here, at least effectively
> none who are remotely capable of bringing that game
> out to the public speaking activism sphere on how,
> among other things, that Peace Love and Crypto-Anarchism
> could work to bring a better world regarding any number of
> charter related topics, perhaps starting with simple
> AnCap Voluntaryism, or even just basic An-*. No, the list
> is more full of disgustingly silent Leeches, Journos searching
> for their next story, harvesting bots, sadistic Agents looking
> for their next entrapped life ruining and pointless bust, and
> GovCorp surveillance to preempt game and get 1-up headoff
> lead on future developments in history.
> > prayer, or more prayer
> Prayer is for the meek who shall not inherit anything in
> this Earth but their own sheepledom. Cypherpunks are
> not sheep, they write code and execute [on] program.
> Stop being fucking sheep.

We sheep want to help too.

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