The Guardian: Britain is damaging its reputation by keeping Julian Assange in jail, says partner

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Apr 12 17:27:56 PDT 2021


Britain's reputation was already garbage.
Arresting and keeping Assange on some
bogus US bullshit meant to continue state
power that was getting handily thrashed
and made fool of by leaks... only served to
confirm the fact that both countries suck.

The coming next generation of leaks has evolved past
the weakness of publishers gatekeepers middlemen lords,
and other such redundancies inefficiencies profits filters,
the goods will just get dumped onto the distributed networks
where their inhabitants and journos can find them, no one to
arrest anymore, while the unalterable uncensorable hash
index to the data remains bare and beautiful for all to see.

Leak at will.


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