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'That's Not Orwellian, THIS Is Orwellian': Aussies Mulling ID For
Access To Facebook, Twitter, Tinder




The Australian government is mulling a proposal which would require
citizens to provide at least two forms of identification if they want
to use social media, under the guise of 'battling online bullying and
more easily report users to authorities.

Under the guise of preventing online bullying, the Morrison
government's plan would require '100 points of identification' in
order to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - and online dating
platforms such as Tinder, according to news.com.au. To satisfy the
'100 points' requirement, citizens would need to combine 'Category 1'
methods of identification (birth certificate, passport, citizenship
papers) with 'Category 2' ID (Valid government-issued license, public
employee photo ID, doctor's note).

More via news.com.au:

    The recommendation, which has been raised before, is one of 88
recommendations from a parliamentary committee report looking at
family, domestic and sexual violence.

    “In order to open or maintain an existing social media account,
customers should be required by law to identify themselves to a
platform using 100 points of identification, in the same way as a
person must provide identification for a mobile phone account, or to
buy a mobile SIM card,” the report suggests.

    It goes on to say that social media platforms “must provide those
identifying details when requested by the eSafety Commissioner, law
enforcement or as directed by the court”.

In other news, Australia has an eSafety Commissioner.

    Well, the government’s in crisis, time to roll the distraction
generator dice:

    Citizens must provide
    100 points of ID
    So we can solve social media abuse?
    — Dan Golding (@dangolding) April 2, 2021

As the report notes, the ID requirement would mean social media giants
have even more information on their users.

Normal people, as expected, are expressing disbelief over the new proposal:

    “Are we turning into North Korea? This is Orwellian,” one user
wrote on Twitter after reading the recommendation.

    “I’m a social media manager and I honestly don’t get enough out of
social media to justify giving them access to my ID,” another wrote.

    Emily van der Nagal is a lecturer at Monash University in
Melbourne. She wrote her PhD thesis on the value of social media
anonymity and pseudonymity and said of the recommendation: “Don’t do

    “Hello, it’s me, a social media researcher who has argued time and
time again that it’s not a good idea to force people to submit ID to
use social media,” she wrote on Twitter.

    “It won’t solve harassment; it will only further harm already
vulnerable groups. Don’t do this.”

    #SovietScott trending as Australians respond to radical
authoritarian measures proposed by the Morrison Government to limit
access to social media. pic.twitter.com/1HX0Jt4oDj
    — PRGuy (@PRGuy17) April 2, 2021

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