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> Riots

Going to be a Hot Summer in the USA...

"Total Chaos" - Unlawful Assembly Declared In Huntington Beach When
"White Lives Matter" Clashed With Counter-Protesters

Huntington Beach police declared an unlawful assembly in Downtown
Huntington Beach, California, Sunday afternoon following a "White
Lives Matter" rally that resulted in social unrest.

Hundreds of people gathered in Downtown Huntington Beach for the
event, but it appeared counter-protesters (representing Black Lives
Matter) also showed up in numbers. Members of various factions
clashed, and that was the time when police declared an unlawful
assembly at the nearby 5th Street and Walnut Avenue intersection.

L.A. Daily News' Josh Cain documented some of the unrest this
afternoon. He called it "total chaos" as "fights broke out" between
protesters and counter-protesters.

More random fights broke out between protesters and counter-protesters.

    #WhiteLivesMatter Until it Doesn't.

    WATCH RACIST's get dusted up while the police come to save them.
    — BIDEN Pack the Supreme Court🏛️ (@IndictPOTUS45) April 12, 2021

KCBS 2's John Schreiber tweeted a video where it appears all hell
broke out between White Lives Matter members and counter-protesters.
It also appears police intervened at that point.

    Before the #HuntingtonBeach "White Lives Matter" rally was
declared an unlawful assembly, there were fights between protesters
and counter-protesters with at least 3 people detained that we saw.
Unclear how many total were arrested/detained. @CBSLA
    — John Schreiber (@johnschreiber) April 11, 2021

So much for President Biden's call for "unity" as the nation remains
deeply divided.

Watch Live: Social Unrest Erupts After Police Killing Of Man In Minnesota Unicorn Riot

Social unrest is unfolding in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota after a
Brooklyn Center police officer shot and killed a driver during a
traffic stop Sunday afternoon.

According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension,
investigators have arrived at the crime scene.

    BCA agents and crime scene personnel are en route to an officer
involved shooting incident in Brooklyn Center. More information to
    — Minnesota BCA (@MnDPS_BCA) April 11, 2021

There's a significant police presence as community members gathered
near the scene following the shooting.

The gathering was initially peaceful but quickly spiraled out of
control into a riot.

CrimeWatchMpls tweets, rioters are throwing bricks and other objects
at police cars.

Rioters are jumping on top of police cars and heard yelling, "f*ck the police."

    Riot police showed up.
    — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) April 12, 2021

Riot police have been called to the scene.

Watch the live feed via Unicorn Riot:

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