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Sun Apr 11 17:56:10 PDT 2021

Joe Biden: America's Biggest Gun Salesman

Op-Ed by Roger L. Simon via The Epoch Times

With his new - most likely unconstitutional - executive orders
regarding weapons, Joe Biden is cementing his place as America’s
leading gun salesman...
President Joe Biden speaks during an event on gun control in the Rose
Garden at the White House in Washington on April 8, 2021. (Alex
Wong/Getty Images)

Gun sales have been wildly up all year. He just pushed them to a new level.

It’s almost as if he were marketing director for Smith & Wesson.

(As America’s president he might have made that clear to prevent
people from running out to buy yet more Austrian-made Glocks when the
locally-produced version is arguably as good.)

The hypocrisy of this doddering man who threatened to punch out Donald
Trump is nothing short of monumental.

Any sentient being—not a slavish, ultra-conformist Democrat who no
longer thinks for him or herself—has been alarmed at the escalating
violence in our streets.

Murders are way up. Assaults are way up. Police protection way down.

This is all thanks to our Democrat friends many of whom seek to defund
and/or handcuff the police, even, in some cases, after the latest
group of self-described revolutionary maniacs has decided to torch
their house.

But the president wants to disarm us. Hello, Germany 1938.

The measure of this hypocrisy can be seen in the treatment of those
who breached the Capitol on Jan. 6—many of whom are still incarcerated
without bail, including those with no criminal record whatsoever, none
of whom (nota bene) had guns of any sort, not even a Derringer tucked
in a boot—compared with the treatment of Antifa and Black Lives Matter

The latter, always thugs in the Antifa case and too often thugs in the
BLM case, almost always get off and got off “Scot Free” after
committing true acts of violence and mayhem that dwarf anything that
happened in the Capitol.

We can easily mock the usual liberal virtue signaling about guns going
on here, but one of Mr. Biden’s proposals is particularly alarming
because superficially attractive to many.

He has directed the Department of Justice to publish model “red flag”
legislation for the states. Those are laws that allow family members,
police, and possibly others to ask a court to bar an individual from
possessing firearms if he or she seems to be dangerous to themselves
or others.

We might call this the “Stasi Law” because it encourages us to snitch
on each other in the manner of East Germany under their Stasi, the
most ruthless of all communist intelligence agencies before the fall
of the Iron Curtain.

If you have seen the brilliant German film “The Lives of Others,” you
know how it worked. (If you haven’t, download this movie now. It’s the
most relevant political film made in the last twenty-five years.)

And speaking of the cinema, it used to be in the old Hollywood movies
the snitch was considered an oily villain who got his just deserts.
Unamerican, really. Nowadays, we’re headed in the opposite direction,
not just in film, but in our society.

This “snitchery” is already here. I recently heard the story of some
Tennessee people who were warned by their own parents not to visit
them in Pennsylvania because the parents’ neighbor would report a
Tennessee license plate in their driveway—such interstate
fraternization being verboten (I assume we all know that German word
from World War II flicks) in Pennsylvania because of COVID.

The possibilities for similar behavior with “red flag” legislation are
endless—children ratting on their parents and so forth—just as are the
ramifications from vaccination passports.

We live in a different world.

In case you want to buy Smith & Wesson stock, it trades on the NASDAQ
as SWBI. It’s down today a touch. You know what they say—buy on the

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