The Hill: Barreling towards a broadband blunder | TheHill

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Apr 8 23:36:53 PDT 2021


GovCorp steals your money via violence of tax,
puts it in its own pockets, politicians lobbyists
shareholders, and hasn't delivered on any of the former
schemes foisted and enacted since packet switching
was invented. And btw, circuit switching was a total
GovCorp licensed telco monopoly back to the 1800s.

Inventors, free markets, supply demand, what of those
you still do have, is why the internet exists, not because of
GovCorp, nor violent force of democracy voting, nor Al Gore.

Every dollar you give them to buildout their
ComSoc dictat internet control freakery will rule
over your lifeforever like a light switch. It already
mostly is, and you are retarded sheep being fucked
in the ass and bleating for more.

Stop paying for your own enslavement,
literally stop paying them.

Then go use the money to build local
meshnet freedom neighbor to neighbor p2p
like you've been told many times before.
1/10 the price, 10x the speed, 100% cryptoprivacy.

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