AP News: Myanmar junta limits internet, seizes satellite TV dishes

jim bell jdb10987 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 12:23:58 PDT 2021

Jim Bell's comment:
This is one reason I have hopes for SpaceX's Starlink Internet data link system.  The Myanmar military can control terrestrial Internet, but they would have much more difficulty blocking Internet from space, and where there is no inherent reason that the Starlink management must obtain the approval of the government of that region.
This may be ineffective in a very few cases, such as North Korea or perhaps Cuba, but in the large majority of nations, the governments want the luxury of being 'authoritarian-lite', yet want to have a mostly-functioning Internet.
But merely having Starlink doesn't solve the whole problem.  What I think Cypherpunk-oriented people could usefully do is to figure out how to.
1 Protect the Starlink ground terminals from detection by RDF (radio direction finding) means.  One partial method would be to designate some of these stations as "receive-only", so that they don't give away their locations.
2.  An even bigger problem:. How does the information downloaded by a ground station get, usably, to people in that nation, without risking tracing such links?  Presumably this will include networks of anonymization sites, if somehow that remains allowed.

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