Privacy: LexisNexis Sells You Out to US-ICE for $17B

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Apr 5 23:22:14 PDT 2021

The deal is already drawing fire from critics and comes less than two
years after the company downplayed its ties to ICE, claiming it was
"not working with them to build data infrastructure to assist their
caters to the immensely lucrative "risk" industry, providing, it says,
10,000 different data points on hundreds of millions of people to
companies like financial institutions and insurance companies who want
to, say, flag individuals
The contract shows LexisNexis will provide Homeland Security
investigators access to billions of different records containing
personal data aggregated from a wide array of public and private
sources, including credit history, bankruptcy records, license plate
images, and cellular subscriber information. The company will also
provide analytical tools that can help police connect these vast
stores of data to the right person.

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