grarpamps' fascist propaganda - Re: Coronavirus: Thread

jamesd at jamesd at
Sat Apr 3 01:05:41 PDT 2021

On 2021-04-03 12:01, Karl Semich wrote:
> I'm not sure what
> acknowledging the politically incorrect words of others would mean.

You acknowledge by making a relevant response that shows you heard and
understood what he said, even if you disagree.

For example, I argue that sexual behavior in small girls frequently sets
in well before puberty, with the result that adult males in the general
vicinity are apt to be punished for misconduct to which they scarcely
contributed, because someone must be be punished, and women can do no
wrong sexually.

You could disagree with that while acknowledging what I said by saying
that little girls are always angelic, and it is always bad men predating
on them, rather than them sexually harassing adult non kin alpha males
with adult female preselection.

Or you could refuse to acknowledge by accusing me of saying that it is
OK to rape little girls because they were asking for it.

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