GNU FSF: Richard Stallman Returns

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Apr 2 18:49:09 PDT 2021

Trying to swat the cancellers up into the rabid cop / prosecutor
systems... jailed and lawmade for speech... seems as bad as the
cancel culture and its rabid cancel teams are, though some will view
system as form of warning or lodging note in case something escalates.

Cancelees can make civil claims, tort, etc as well, but
is often pointless once [even wrongful] damage is done.

Nevermind that say 90% in rabid teams ever had any IRL interaction
with any cancelee, let alone were ever directly personally had any
(murder, rape, theft, against NAP, etc) by them, thus most in those hit
squads are no more than third parties throwing down signalling noise,
with even some actual victims playing games too.

It's a mess, good luck sorting it.

> "cyberbullying"

consider: Is Assassination Politics "cyberbullying"?

> The open letter isn't accepting signatures anymore.
> I wonder what happened?

It got cancelled, apparently.

> Do join and cancel the cancellers with free tools:

This is obviously the only correct answer ;)

> the "anti-letter" which is being signed by various companies

As with Delta, many will find such statements by corporates to
be disheartening, disturbing, corruption, worthy of boycott, etc.

consider: Is "cancel" a grand disruption effort launched, seeding
petty infights into opensource, distributed, cryptocurrency, libertarian,
privacy, freedom movements... right at the very moment of their
emerging ascendence over desperate legacy powers.

Crypto mktcap $2T (1% privacy and growing)...
fight the cancel, don't be disrupted, keep moving.

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