GNU FSF: Richard Stallman Returns

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> Petition for freespeech, against cancel culture...


> More sordid from land of virtual signallers...


grarpamp, first, you should know that I actually signed the letter in support of Stallman; you may visit and Ctrl+F "lolwut" to confirm this.

However, I take issue with that link to the article concerning Molly de Blanc. This is certainly not because I support de Blanc in any manner, but rather because the article treats as legitimate the nonsense concept of "cyberbullying". Even though I support Stallman, I cannot take seriously any article that calls for the legal prosecution of anybody -- including some cancel culture cretin -- over the meme that is "cyberbullying".

You petition for free speech against cancel culture, which I wholly support; but can you, or at least the author of that article, not understand that this entire "cyberbullying" thing is entirely repugnant to free speech, and that it, in effect, makes illegal mean words and insults, which should always be protected speech? It's exactly the left-wing cancel-culture types, the ones who are so mentally soft and fragile that they cannot handle mean words on a computer screen, who always whine about "cyberbullying" and actually seek to make it illegal. Do not fall for their meme and thereby sink to their level.

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