Freedom of Speech: Islam

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> >> "Open borders to all, teach Islam in schools -- Joe Biden"
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> > 	of course open borders (no state borders) is one of the most basic libertarian positions. 
> Notice that BatSoup, though theoretically opposed to the security
> agencies spying on us, demonizes Snowden, 

	I don't demonize snowden, I simply see him as an 'ex' US military criminal, 'ex' CIA criminal and 'ex' NSA criminal. Likewise, I see his 'revelations' as barely revealing anything new and having caused little to no harm to his government. Something that snowden himself keeps repeating. 

> fails to mention that security
> agencies, trained and organized to spread disinformation that overthrows
> foreign governments, are industriously spreading disinformation to
> overthrow the American government and prevent democracy.

	you're saying that the CIA (that is the US govt) is trying to overthrow the US govt? The US govt is trying to overthrow itself? Sounds confused...

> prevent democracy.

	and that last bit...WUT? Now you're a 'democrat'? I thought you hated democrats? By definition right wingers are pro-monarchy and anti-democracy. I guess you're a lefty now? 

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