CNBC: SpaceX prices Starlink satellite internet service at $99 per month, according to e-mail

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Oct 28 20:56:24 PDT 2020

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 11:44:30PM -0400, grarpamp wrote:
> On 10/28/20, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> >
> Good for remote / mobile locations, but
> costs much more than 4G / 5G tether.
> Cypherpunks should still trench out their own
> p2p 1Gbit symmetric fiber with their communities
> for under $50.


The cheapest way to achieve this is volunteer groups - you a techy or two, DialBeforeYouDig so you don't trench some expensive existing line cutting mistakes (really, keep it super clean!), and if your town, or your town and a few other towns come together, it becomes cheaper to buy the trenching/ boring equipment rather than hire.

When people work together, magic happens.  Matthew 18 "When two or three gather ... in my name" - find others who will live that higher intention with you, the "higher" intention to actually do something mostly selflessly - just think, most of the work trenching, polishing fibre cable ends, etc, will benefit others, not you - so you can only achieve this WITH that higher intention.

Good luck,

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